Jamaica prides itself in its production of talented individuals that luminates world notoriety in the arts, sports and culture. Consistently the Island in the sun has cultivated and produced crops of singers and deejay that continue to raise the bar in our music. 
On December 7, 1975 one such talent was born . Today he carries the banner Jamaica, Reggae and Dancehall high. He is Devon Lee better known through his music as Truthful. 

Like most of Jamaica's great singers who inherited the pulsating rhythms of reggae and dancehall, Devon Lee was also born in the rural then later migrated to Kingston's city life. Like Bob Marley to St. Ann, Coco Tea of Clarendon or Burning Spear from St. Elizabeth. Truthful was from Portland, and made his journey to Kingston 13, Lyndhurst Road , Randolph Avenue to live with an aunt. Then only twelve years old, the only artist Truthful had his eyes on, was the culinary kind. Truthful attended the Norman Manley High School where he passionately pursued the art of cooking. Surrounded by volatility, hard economics, supportive family and friends Devon Lee graduated High School to enter the world of catering as a certified chef. Like most success stories his first stint in restaurant was a job at Burger King. A year later in 1994 Truthful would find himself assisting the head Chef for a major catering company that provided meals for the National Airline. At home he would capitalize on the night life events in and around his community by promoting dances. This was his calling in entertainment . When the popular Oliver At Large series featuring Oliver Samuels came about Truthful was given the opportunity to organize the chorus laughter that punctuated the jokes of the comedy. In 1996 Truthful began is own catering, opened a restaurant and decided to pursue music as a deejay. So with hungry patrons flocking his restaurant, Truthful also prepared his food for the soul, music. 
In 1998 Truthful's creative first effort recording was entitled 'Gonna Be A Day of Glory'. This wasn't any ordinary song . It was a celebrating tribute to the success of the National Football team , Reggae Boyz for qualifying for the World Cup. This song was a success and accomplished the purpose of an introduction into music that distinguished his creative writing skills to addressed National topics. 'Gonna Be A Day of Glory' also served to open the doors to producers and more tracks. One such door was to the House of Congress recording where Truthful recorded three major career making songs. The first, a National anthem in the song 'Land We Love', a song sure to remembered in Jamaican music history. And owing to his own experiences of hardship and other Jamaicans , he recorded 'Fighting To Survive' and radio disjoc favorite 'I see Them Crying'. Songs which propelled the deejay to new places and audiences. Continuing his agitation and raising national and global issues in 2005 Truthful recorded Inflation ' on P.A.Y. label.

Truthful's early recording proved to be timeless to topics and true to culture, so in 2009 he released his dancehall tracks. The content also reflected his realness. This would also be the year where his dancehall influence alongside selector Firelinks led Street Team increased in volumes . This meant sleepless nights promoting the music he recorded which Firelinks produced. On the Street Team rhythm Truthful coined the campaign song for the Team's road promotion, entitled 'Touch The Street'. Whilst on the Category 5 label he recorded 'Wine Up On Me' for his Jamaican ladies, known for their dynamics in gyrating. 

A Father of two daughters and a son, Truthful took the opportunity when approached by Stone Love Sound System owner, Winston Weepow Powell to record a song, to record 'If She A Go School'. The song addressed the topic of Teenage pregnancy and sex. The last year has been spent regrouping and reinventing of his art. Now as he prepares to release plastic fresh recordings, music enthusiast should enjoy his current and upcoming releases. 
Soon to be on the airwaves, internet, clubs and the lips are plastic fresh 'Money Over War ' and 'Now Is The Girls Them Time' a real drink spiller party track. Te vibrancy heard in his latest recordings and his assurance to only a high standard again heralds the return of "the patriot of the People , Reggae and Dancehall... Truthful

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